The greatest resource for a child’s empowerment is to show up as empowered ourselves. I support mamas in self-love, empowerment and simplified parenting.

Jessica | Empowered Beyond Measure
My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing tools, ideas and resources to help you feel empowered to show up for someone pretty incredible.


I love helping women find their own voice, find the confidence to feel great in their own skin and to feel empowered every day.

Hi, I’m Jessica…

and I had long struggled to find my confidence, to feel proud of the skin that I was in and to find a community that lifted me up and supported me.
I knew I had wanted more and so I began to work hard to grow personally, surround myself with people who enriched me and create an inner voice that was positive and encouraging.
Now I work with incredible women each day, to help them find the tools and resources that allow them to live their best lives.
I love what I do and that I get to share my incredible journey with women just like you.
I’m so glad to have you here.

Let me help you find your voice, find the confidence to show up for yourself each day

It all starts with you.

When you invest the time in yourself to grow and lean into the incredible person you are, everyone around you benefits. You are able to show up for others the way you hope to, without feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted. Showing up for them, starts by showing up for you.

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