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I am an entrepreneur, educator, author, coach & consultant. I am passionate about the world of personal growth and striving for more, about the impact of what do we and say (and don’t do and say) has on the little ones in our lives. Our actions, passions, beliefs and the way we show up each day becomes their inner voice – which is pretty powerful.

But at the core of it all – from the first minute of my day to the last – I’m a mama of a little lady who is the ultimate optimist. She is my true WHY for what I do and the work I put into every project, client support, program, and product I create. She inspires me every. single. day. And she is the reminder for the impact of this work.

She is my reminder that taking time for me; to grow, learn and live my best life, means the same for her.

My Little Bee & I

I come from a background of early childhood education & educational psychology and have done everything from research to running a daycare of my own, to coaching educators and early childhood centers & consulting with educational departments.

And I learned something profound. The work I was doing was indeed about the children in the care of these amazing educators. But that work began with the educators themselves. It began by supporting the confidence, the voice and the empowerment of the educators who gave so fully of themselves to the children in their care, but failed to show themselves the same love and compassion.

This soon turned to fellow mamas who were feeling the burnout too. They were striving to give their families the best of them, but left nothing for themselves at the end of the day, or when things got tough.


I had been running a beautiful home daycare, sharing my knowledge and passion with educators, offering workshops and courses for support. Showing up for my family the best way I knew how. Getting involved in my community…

And I was tired.

I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I knew I should be. I wasn’t showing up for myself the same way I did for the others I strived so wholeheartedly to support. And because of that, I wasn’t able to maintain the energy, the enthusiasm I needed. I wasn’t taking my own advice.

I showed up for me.

I took a step back and looked at what my goals were, what I was working toward and my WHY. What was I looking to achieve? What was I looking to learn? Where was I looking to grow? How could I show up better for those in my life?

And the answer was staring me in the face. I needed to show up for myself. To make self care a priority that was non-negotiable. I needed to move my body and fuel it well, rest and read, re-energize.

And then it happened.

Not only was I able to be more productive, more passionate, more impactful in my work but I was feeling better. I had more energy, got MORE done each day and was less resentful during the hard times. I was able to bounce back faster and with more grit.

But the best part was watching the change in my daughter. Watching her language change. Watching her show up for herself. Hearing her educators say that she was a cheerleader among her group, that she was using positive self talk to get her through hard times.

That’s where Empowered Beyond Measure began. When I realized I could help other women do and feel the same, I knew I had to support them. I knew I could use the tools I had learned to help them through.

Just like I can for you.

If you look into your child’s eyes, wishing the entire world for them but aren’t sure where to start, I can help. If you want to offer your child a voice, support their passion, and be there for them, without the overwhelm, just let me know. If you are ready to simplify this parenting gig, and feel better about the relationship you’re creating with your little love, I have those resources for you.

The greatest resource for a child’s empowerment is to show up as empowered ourselves.

So reach out – get in touch, let me know how I can help. Cruise around the site and check out the resources. Send me a note and let me know what more you need.

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